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To solve the big issues, we figure we'll start small and do what we can. 

TheWorley Co. exists to help others. We're a social impact company. We are currently working directly with Portal Bikes to help Rebuild Nepal. We've been able to see some incredible, tangible results on the ground with Portal Shelter's. Check em out here!

Overall though, we focus on 3 core areas:

Water! 1 in 8 people don't have clean water to drink. This leads to massive internal issues, childhood death, and wasted time going to get water from distant sources. We think that through building wells and providing access to clean water more kids can live to grow their local communities and time can be spent by locals building the economy rather than just walking to get water 3 times a day.

We work with charity:water (and Miir steel pint cups) to help accomplish this. Both organizations are wonderful in their heart and execution of what they do and we're proud to give a portion of the profits to providing clean water.


Education: Simply throwing money, food, or free clothes into a local economy doesn't solve the poverty issue. We think that investing in kid's and giving them the basic skills to succeed is foundational to eliminating extreme poverty. Restore International is a super rad organization that has schools in Iraq, Sudan, Uganda, and India. They live out their call to simply just love people and do as much good as they can and we're stoked to be able to give to kid's educations.

We also work with a notebook company called Denik in the education sector. They focus on building schools in Mali and Guatemala. For each notebook purchased, a portion goes straight to helping building schools. Exciting stuff!


Business: We're passionate about building up local business leaders and innovators. We think that this is another pillar in eliminating global poverty. Teaching locals basic business, developing innovation, and seeing sustainability are at the core of that. We partner with Portal Bikes in doing this. Headed up by Caleb Spear in Kathmandu, Nepal, Portal modifies bikes that create opportunities for pathways out of poverty. The bikes allow people to save time and grow their business whether that is a corn sheller, painter, orphanage, or clothes washing. These guys are awesome and employ lots of local Nepalese people to run and grow the business.