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Know Who Made It: Tees by TheWorley + Krochet Kids

Jeremy Worley

What if you knew where your clothing came from? Not the country, county, or even city but you know the actual person that made what you were wearing? This isn't a dream, it's happening and Worley Co. is ecstatic to join in a  movement that is redefining apparel manufacturing. Spearheaded by Krochet Kids International. Here's their website.

So check it: We're now working with Krochet Kids as our provider for many of the tees that we print on, and we're debuting 2 new tees to start.

Here's the gist: the quality is incredible (even better than before), the fit is the same, each tee is signed by the person who made it, and the cost to you remains the same as always. Through Krochet Kids we're able to help provide education, mentorship, training, and opportunities to the ladies that are a part of their programs in Peru. You can even look up the name of the lady that made your shirt, learn her story, and send her a note!

Here's Krochet Kid's model

(Content property of KK International)

JOB  They provide a job so that women can meet the present needs of their families.


They provide a job so that women can meet the present needs of their families.

EDUCATION  They educate them so that they develop beyond the need for outside aid.


They educate them so that they develop beyond the need for outside aid.

MENTORSHIP  They provide mentorship to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.


They provide mentorship to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.

Stoked? So are we. Now the entire supply chain is transparent and beautiful.

Here it is:

  • local Peruvian farmers provide the materials
  • Tees constructed and made in Krochet Kids Peru
  • Tees printed in Denver, Colorado by A Small Print shop
  • Sold to you by TheWorley Co. and Welcome Fellow.
  • BOOM!
Do Cool Stuff Black/White Women's
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Colorado Tee women's, Dark Heather/Sand
15.00 24.00
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Presenting: Welcome Fellow

Jeremy Worley

Hey there! I've got a really exciting announcement.  TheWorley Co. and a few other close friends (August of Amos Leather Works and Adam of Cafe Motique) have been working away to create an inspiring new creative/collaborative space in Colorado Springs. We've been dreaming for a few years and we're stoked that this finally came to fruition. We'll be hosting events, shows, and we're open to the public for pour-overs and a workspace. Follow along on Instagram here or connect via Facebook here! 

You can also find a whole spread of Worley Co. goods at the shop. Stop in and check it out at 616 N Tejon Street. We're open to the public on Tuesday/Wednesdays and Friday/Saturdays from 7am-3pm.

Welcome Fellow is also a venue space you can rent out for art shows, meetings, lunches, receptions, etc. Check it out here.

Check out our official press release below.

Welcome Fellow is a co-working storefront located in a brick and mortar at 616 N Tejon Street in the Downtown Colorado Springs area.

Owners August, Jeremy and Adam have been working together under an umbrella company called We Live Studios for the last 2 years where the idea for Welcome Fellow began to take root and grow. A heart for growing local creative community, crafting great experiences, and making awesome products.

Welcome Fellow is a space designed to inspire and motivate. Whether that is growing your business as one of our Fellow members, or to just stop in for a coffee and community. We believe that this space will be used for creativity and humanness, and that is our hope!

Welcome to Welcome Fellow, we hope you feel at home.

P.S. The Worley Co. was stoked to do all the branding, design direction, etc. Hope you love it!

TheWorley Co. Pop-Up Shop

Jeremy Worley

As you might know, we do some markets here and there friends and other makers. We love this, but we're itching for a solid space where we can welcome people in and have good times.

Brace yourselves...

Exciting news folks, TheWorley Co. will be having a Pop-Up shop for the months of November and December (screams of joy!) We open this Sunday, November 1st!

Here's the rundown: We're calling it the Makers Market because it's a curation of 4 different companies (TheWorley Co, Amos Leather Works, The Universe Conspires, and Cafe Motique) in a community space crafted by the whole crew! We'll have some great couches, maybe a free-coffee or two, and great conversation. Oh-Yeah, also some fantastic goods!

We think it's great timing with the holidays coming around. Feel free to snag some cool, one-of a kind gifts for your friends and family.

We're stoked out of our minds and would love if you would stop in (even if you have to take a plane or boat or bus or something...) 

The address is 125 N Tejon Street in Downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. We'll be open during the week Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-7(ish)pm.

We'll have a host of new Goods that Do Good, so be sure to check em out!

Hats and Caps!

Jeremy Worley

Good news folks. Another addition to the "Goods that do good" of TheWorley Co.

4 new caps/hats for your enjoyment! We got some great feedback on our designs and requests for hats, so we did! We've got two hats with wool/acrylic blends, a flat black cotton twill, and a mesh-back trucker-style hat. Each one has a "C" sewn into the front and "Colorado" on the back with a special Worley Co. hidden on the inside.

Super comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Hoping you'll love these! Check em out below... 

Colorado Cap Crimson/Gold
20.00 32.00
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Holy Shnikes! A Bunch of Good Stuff...

Jeremy Worley

Hey there! Good News: 

We just dropped a whole bunch of new goods in the store. Super stoked on these and hope you will be too, as they were primarily created out of the feedback you've given us. Wahoo! Check it out below and be sure to head over to our shop and snag one of the new Goods That Do Good.

Selling Tees, Digging Wells September

Jeremy Worley

Connecting a well crafted good to a deeper story of helping people is the whole reason for the existence of TheWorley Co. Shop. We wanted to connect the daily goods we were purchasing to make an impact in the world, rather than just being another creature of consumption. So for every tee, around $5-7 is donated and for every other good it's between $1-3 depending on the item. We give us much as we can while still ensuring the business grows, because we realize that the larger the company gets, the more people we can help.

So we're stoked that for the month of September we'll be giving to charity:water to help bring clean water to developing nations. They are a super transparent organization where every dollar given goes to digging wells, not building leases or paying the CEO a fat salary.

You buy goods and wells are drilled.  Because of the goods you bought at the Maker's Market last month, over $100 was given to charity:water. This is awesome. Every bit counts, and that's why we're so committed to helping.

Two ways to move forward:

  1. Head over to our store and buy a gift for a friend, a notebook to write your thoughts down, or a pint cup to keep that beer cold. You can find the shop here.
  2. Check out our charity:water campaign page and get involved. You can check out our campaign here.

Goods That Do Good

Jeremy Worley

For some time we had this "mental itch" about what we buy, and maybe you do too. The products we were buying didn't have a deeper story behind them. We had a functional, consumerist view of stuff and felt that there's gotta be something better...

We don’t think it’s too much to ask for stuff that’s ethically created, well designed, and helps people and economies in a sustainable way. We knew this was possible, so we figured to make change in the industry, what better than to do it ourselves. TheWorley Co creates Goods That Do Good. 

Products that are well crafted, hand-designed, super comfortable, and help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. Each product’s story is woven into the bigger vision of helping others.

We try and ensure that as much money as possible goes to helping from the business. Typically this is 25% of each purchase. We want to invest in others, but also the business to help with growth. The bigger the company gets, the more we can help people.

So where do we help? We feel there are 3 main issues to address: clean water, business development, and education. We’ve thoroughly vetted 3 organizations we work with, 1 in each arena (charity:water, Portal Bikes, and Restore International).

Take charity:water for example: an organization who gives 100% of donations straight to water projects, gives you coordinates of where the water project is, and has incredible transparency on how they are helping and striving to make a sustainable impact. We try and make sure that we’re making solid, helpful, and sustainable impact in the world. Helping communities rather than just dump and run. Check out our charity:water campaign here.

We've also been able to come along our friends Portal Bikes with helping rebuild Nepal as well as establishing small, sustainable businesses for locals.(more about that another day!) 

In the past few months we’ve made some products we’re hoping you’ll love! Some epic Goods That Do Good. Here’s the rundown: We debuted 2 new Do Cool Stuff tees , 2 steel pint cups where each cup gives someone water for an entire year, and a new notebook for all your epic ideas and to-do lists! Check out some of the images in this email for a sneak peek.

Go ahead and check out the shop for all of our Goods That Do Good. We've got a full shop of products that have are connected to a deeper story. 

Maker's Market August 1 at 50/50 Coffee House

Jeremy Worley

We'll be at the Maker's Market at 50/50 Coffee House this Saturday! Address: 330 N Institute Street. We're going to be debuting 2 new tees and a notebook, we'd love to see you so stop by! Joining us will be Amos Leather Works, The Universe Conspires, and Cafe Motique. Here's a rundown of the goods:

Amos Leather Works - Hand-crafted leather wallets, fobs, bags, and bracelets

The Universe Conspires - One-of a kind, unique jewelry using some epic stones and metal

Cafe Motique - Curated, vintage goods for the adventure seekers

The Process: Beautiful Redemption Logo

Jeremy Worley

We love crafting experiences, products, and helping create awesome ideas. Thus why TheWorley Co. is stoked not only on creating their own product, but also working with clients on logos, custom apparel design, and developing brand identity.

Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a non-profit called Beautiful Redemption whose mission is to advocate for orphan's and foster kids, specifically in the El Paso County, Colorado region. Their mission and heart are so cool to see lived out and close to home, so we jumped at the opportunity to help develop their brand identity with logos and basic brand guidelines.

We'll guide you through a bit of the process below:

Step 1: Research

I was able to spend time hearing about the vision, heart, and big audacious goals of Beautiful Redemption in the hope that their values would be expressed through the design. They have a deep desire to not only create awareness, but drive action towards becoming foster parents or coming alongside those that are currently fostering. Listening and hearing where they've come from and where they want to go was a critical part of the process in developing a great logo.

Step 2: Sketches and Design Experimentation

Tons and tons of sketches happen here. Laying out the overall look and feel. Is the logo contained in a shape? Is it just beautiful lettering? Is there iconography to help identify the brand? What about the color palette and feel? How's it going to look on business cards, tee-shirts and letterhead?

It's like a "design puke" where all the ideas and possibilities are tossed out on a page. Check out a few examples of early renditions of the logo. Disclaimer: These look roouuuuuggghhh.

Step 3: Refinement, refinement, and then we're close

Feedback and refinement is critical(from both our client and other vested people). First drafts need to be tweeked and developed. We question each design decision to ensure it's on par with the brand vision and mission. This might look like 2 slight tweeks and revision or 25. In the case of Beautiful Redemption, we widdled down to a core design pretty quick and ran with it.

Step 4: Final Delivery and Context Images

Woohoo! We're finishing up the details and waxing on the polish. Delivery the logo and brief guidelines were the final steps in this project. To give the branding a bit of context we create some mock-ups to help visualize what it looks like in the wild. Include the colors and typefaces and you're ready to go. 

Brief Brand Guidelines

Brief Brand Guidelines

Letterhead mock-up

Letterhead mock-up

Business Cards

Business Cards

Tee designs

Tee designs

Interested in having TheWorley Co. develop a logo, brand assets, or craft a product? We'd love to hear from you below!


Beverage Containers All Over The Place

Jeremy Worley

Welcome to Thursday!

Check this out: Through your feedback and a poll on Facebook, we went ahead and created a few brand new Goods that do Good. Presenting 2 different Steel Pint Cups and a Coffee mug all crafted by TheWorley Co. BUT WAIT! There's more...

The pint cups were created by our friends Miir that have a huge heart for providing clean water for the world. So for each pint glass that is bought, someone gets clean water for an entire year! Goods that do good!

These pint cups are awesome for camping, hiking, drinking tasty beverages at friend's house, or even simply a daily water glass. Check the new products out below.

The Do Cool Stuff Steel Pint Cup

The Do Cool Stuff Steel Pint Cup

The Roam Steel Pint Cup

The Roam Steel Pint Cup

The Wander Mug

The Wander Mug

Happy Birthday America

Jeremy Worley

Hello hello! At TheWorley Co we're stoked to be able to live in the great USA. We're so excited, we wanted to share the love with an awesome SALE! 

So from now until Sunday night, we're having a 20% off sale! Just use the promo code 4JULY to get 20% your entire order. This is huge! Wahoo! We hope you enjoy it and are able to stock up on some new stuff!

Happy Summer

Jeremy Worley

I love a good tee-shirt. One that is soft, well designed, and has great use of color. But most of all, I’m passionate about the story behind a tee or product. I think we live in a hyper-consumerist society where we've lost connection with the story behind our products, simply because there isn't one.

TheWorley Co. is hoping to change that. We want to live life adventurously and we think that making epic product is a first step.

As you’ve probably seen, we just debuted 3 new products: The Colorado Tee, The Adventure Tee (again), and The Wander Notebook. Each is rooted in a story and one thing that connects them all is that they are all Goods That Do Good. 25% of the purchase goes straight to helping our friends Portal rebuild Nepal after a devastating earthquake. The Wander Notebook contributes towards building schools in Mali and Guatemala via our friends Denik. We are fired up about helping people and always investing in global causes that are changing the modern landscape for the better. 

TheWorley Co. resides in the beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We love living here and really appreciate the beauty we come in contact with every single day. It’s pretty mind-blowing. We also love all the cool stuff that Coloradans make. Thus with Adventure at it’s heart, we decided to create The Colorado Tee. A unique take on colorado in a simple, clean design with spots of texture. We think it embodies the heart of Colorado culture and hope you’re as stoked about it as we are.

We are always seeking to live life adventurously. It’s one of our core 3 purposes for existing and we love making tees based around our passion for adventure. Whether it’s a big epic adventure to the Grand Canyon, or it is simply just playing with your kids in the front yard: It’s all an adventure if you view it as such. A deep, matte, blue on a silvery/grey tee is how it was printed. Toss one of these guys one and remind yourself of the adventure whenever you wear it. Get it here.


Last, we’ve got the Wander notebook. Let’s be real, most of us need to chill out more often. I try and make it a habit to rest my mind daily. That’s why we made the notebook. To remind ourselves to let all the business of the day go for a few minutes and recharge. Taking little bits of rest and "wandering" enables us to do the rest of our day really well. The notebook is a sturdy softcover with blank, white pages inside just waiting for you to fill them up. You can snag one here.

So that’s it. We think each product should have deep meaning, purpose, and roots and we hope that by connecting to the story of the product that you find them even more exciting.

The Man-Made Market

Jeremy Worley

Hello interwebs! I want to show you something. Take a look below these words and you'll see an great little flyer that was designed by your truly, TheWorley Co. We're super stoked to be a part of a market on June 6th at 50/50 Coffee House in Colorado Springs. There are going to be a few other friends of TheWorley Co. that have really cool stuff that you can purchase as well.

We'll have all TheWorley Co. shirts on hand for you to touch, feel, and most definitely buy! Yahoo! Remember, 25% of all our proceeds goes towards Doing Good. Until the middle of June we're giving to help Rebuild Nepal through our good friends Portal Bikes.

The Do Cool Stuff story continues

Jeremy Worley

One of the core reasons that TheWorley Co exists is this: Live epic adventures and help others live adventures as well. Out of this value came the very first design of TheWorley Co: Do Cool Stuff.

And now the story continues. Today we're debuting the Do Cool Stuff shirt in a black/white scheme and also creating the design in green and red in kid's sizes. We're super stoked on these! The tees were all hand-printed by Jeremy (founder of TheWorley Co.)

So what's the story? The tee was created to encourage yourself and others to make every day into an adventure. To Do Cool Stuff and keep that in mind as you pursue living your day out. Since the company was founded and is rooted in Colorado Springs, Colorado we couldn't think of anything more iconic than some mountains and a path leading into them. It's intended to be simple, minimal, and a rad conversation started.

The black tees are made of some super-soft poly/cotton blend that won't shrink much and is sure to be one of your favorite comfy tees. The kid's version is a soft 100% cotton tee that'll keep that kiddo happy while they're running, jumping, and causing a raucous.

Get the tee soon as they are a very limited run. Here's a few photos of the new threads

(photo cred. to Koren Worley and Sabrina Stutzman)

And remember, we're all about Goods That Do Good. 25% of every purchase is going to help Rebuild Nepal through supporting Portal Bikes efforts.

Rebuild Nepal

Jeremy Worley

The Worley Co. + Portal

Post-earthquake Nepal is going to need a lot of time, effort, and investment to help rebuild what is now even more broken than before. We're stoked out of our minds for one of our partners and friends Portal Bikes that lives and operates in Kathmandu, Nepal. They've been in the thick of the devastation but have also been able to provide immediate relief and resources via their staff and the epic Portal Cargo Bike. Check out their Facebook page here. They've got some really rad videos and images of what they've been up to.

Rebuild Nepal tee

We're all about Goods That Do Good at TheWorley Co. and so we've created the Rebuild Nepal tee. This is an exclusive, limited edition tee that is available for pre-sale right now. For each tee that is bought, $18 goes straight to the rebuilding efforts in Nepal through Portal.

The tee is a pre-sale where you purchase the tee now, the money goes straight to Portal, and in 2 weeks we print and ship the orders (don't worry we'll keep you in the loop!) Buy the tee here.

I would highly encourage you to check out what they're doing as it is incredible and transparent.  They are in the thick of building solid, metal sheeting shelters. These are invaluable when so many people are still just sleeping under tarps. 

We're committed to helping in any way we can so in addition to the Rebuild Nepal tee, 25% of all revenue from TheWorley Co. in May will go straight to Portal's rebuilding efforts. At the end of the month we'll give you some insight on what that looks like in dollar amount. Go and check out our store here.

Check out some images of what Portal has been up to in disaster relief.

Change Maker tee, what's the story?

Jeremy Worley

The Change Maker tee: 
This tee that is more than just some cotton and thread.

Here's the story: Portal Bikes is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and is headed up by a super cool dude named Caleb Spear. He has a crew of some great Nepalese guys that help him modify bicycles in order that the bikes be really helpful for business use. The bikes that they create launch people's small businesses to new levels. Portal gives the bikes on a Micro-loan and they've been a massive success (there's a huge waitlist!) Bikes make businesses that create pathways out of poverty.

Check out a few storys: They developed a corn-sheller that can shell 2 days worth of corn in 1.5 hrs. That's freaking nuts! Another example is a businessman that sold small wares such as candy bars, little shampoos, and other small "stuff". Originally he did it by having plastic bags hang from his handlebars. With a Portal bike he has carriers and sections on the back of his bike. Enabling him to carry WAY more inventory to sell. It's a small machine that is making a massive impact in Kathmandu. 

Here-in steps TheWorley Co : We've created a shirt that has an outline of a Portal Bike and says Change Maker below it. We hope it sparks conversation and also emphasizes what a massive change can happen by simply modifying bikes. All the proceeds from the shirt go straight to Portal to help them develop more bikes and staff.

Check out the shirt below. It's on sale NOW.

A bit more about Portal:

Goods that do Good

Jeremy Worley

It's no secret that our world has issues. And we can either choose to sit on the sidelines and hope for the best, or try and be part of the solution. Helping create solutions is what we're pretty stoked on here at TheWorley Co. We think that the goods we create and design should have more to them than just the material. So each purchase from TheWorley Co. puts a large amount of the profit towards helping solve global issues. This all might sound kind of cloudy and lofty right now, but I promise you it will become much more tangible in the coming weeks... Stay tuned!

We get to help organizations that are striving to form solutions to some massive issues in the world: lack of clean water, education opportunities, justice for modern day slaves, and developing micro-economies through business.

We want the goods you purchase at TheWorley Co. to not only have exceptional quality and design, but to have a larger, positive global impact. To bring together quality goods with organizations that are making change. We hope to make a dent in some major global issues and we see TheWorley Co. as a way to live out that epic story.

Be stoked! We've got an exciting announcement that is going to make the whole "Goods that do Good" even more tangible.

Have you checked out Portal Bikes yet? Quick video below that is well worth your time. 

The Hold Fast tee, the story

Jeremy Worley

At TheWorley Co, we love story and creating products and designs that have depth and meaning to them. We put a ton of heart, thought, and intention into each of our designs and I wanted to explain a bit behind what the Hold Fast Tee is all about:

The design comes the old sailor mantra "Hold Fast." I personally love nautical themes and the old sailor art and lingo and have been really inspired and influenced by it. Hold Fast was known as a statement that was shouted before a storm or some sort of challenge. I think this transcends into our own lives as we approach a challenge, and I hope it's an encouragement to Hold Fast. It's a known fact that storms are going to come your way and things can get a bit tough, but we Hold Fast through it. Out of that heart, this shirt was created. Additionally, the whale has a bit of smirk on his face as I think we should approach every situation with a a bit of humor and joy. Don't take anything too seriously!

The shirt is offered on for only the next 9 days in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. All of them are super soft, tri-blend fabric that will be sure to make it's one into your heart as a favorite tee. After the 9 days it will be gone and done (OK maybe TheWorley Co will print some...)

Click the button below to go straight to Cotton Bureau and snag yourself a Hold Fast tee!

Scroll down to see all the styles and such!