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Make the Change, Don't Wait for It
















Make the Change, Don't Wait for It

Jeremy Worley

It's super easy to be critical. It's a lot more difficult to try and help change things. These realities can be crippling to a cause, organization, your day, etc. Being critical rather than positive and waiting for change. I think your mind would be blown if you starting being conscious of your negative/positive tendencies, I sure have!

The Worley believes in change and we hope that the way we do things around here would push some people, organizations, etc. towards changing the world and their communities for the better. All day we talk about Doing Cool Stuff, savoring the Little Things, or finding the adventures in the day. Although it's some pretty comical stuff, it's not a joke at all. We're FOR REAL!

Refuse to have another mediocre day, kick complacency in the face, and look at the life in front of you that you have been given, then go live it as best you can.

These ideas are what fuel not only how we do things at The Worley, but the stuff we make. We're constantly developing new stuff, and recently the results were 4 new products last week. Check them out here.

We believe in trying to enact change as well by fueling other organizations that do the same. This month we've partnered with Portal Bikes to make that happen. We're giving 20% of all proceeds to Portal in the month of October.

Portal builds bikes in Kathmandu, Nepal that enable people to get out of poverty. They are making such a rad difference in the lives of the Nepalese folks in equipping and helping to grow the local economy. We love what they do and we're honored to be able to partner with them this month. 

If we can make a difference, why wouldn't we? We have a unique situation in the 1st world where we have more than most people could even dream about. So why not seek to impact and help those folks in the trenches, fighting for the marginalized, poor, and orphans. At The Worley, this is our heartbeat. This is "Do Cool Stuff" at it's best and we love it. If the opportunity for change is before you, take it.

2 things:

- Check out Portal Bikes. Jump on their email list, support em, tell your grandma about them.

- Head over to The Worley store and see the new stuff.