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Make An Impact This Holiday Season...
















Make An Impact This Holiday Season...

Jeremy Worley

What change could happen if we sought to change people's lives through our purchases this Christmas? There are a host of other likeminded company's and people.

I ask you to consider as the holidays roll around, to think through the impact you could make this holiday season as you look to give gifts. Whether that is buying something from a company that gives back or altogether just making gifts and donating money to organizations. DO SOMETHING!

Here are a few neat companies to check out as you're thinking about this Holiday season:

Krochet Kids makes some of the coolest clothes and beanies. They have programs in Peru and Africa that empower women through jobs and education. Handmade, super-rad stuff. Check em out here.

Sevenly donates $7 of every sale to a charity. Their shirts are super neat and have incredible lettering. Click here for their site.

Yours truly! 25% of every sale goes to charity:water until January 1. We continually seek to partner with non-profits to make a difference and also to make epic products for you. Click here for the shop.

Exciting stuff on the way! We've got 3 new products coming out in the next couple weeks. We've got a new T-Shirt, beanies, and an awesome 3-month subscription packed full of some great value. More to come soon so just stay tuned....