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Less ends up being more
















Less ends up being more

Jeremy Worley

I love the Holiday season. Family dinners, cold days, snow falling, gift giving, etc. It's awesome.

One thing I noticed though. We have a lot. Our lives are super full.

Full of stuff, full of busyness, full of schedules, full of activities.

And it's all great and well intentioned. The irony in being full is that the original intention is comfort and completion, but MORE only brings clutter, anxiety and stress. Think about it. We buy stuff to make our lives easier or more comfortable, but that stuff innately requires more stuff, time, and maintenance for it to function and thus compounding and creating craziness.

This year, consider that less might be more.

I heard a great analogy about plants the other day where a guy said that we prune the stuff that doesn't help the most important areas of our lives. So what's important and what do you need to "prune"? 

On a day where it's all about buying a ton of stuff for as cheap as possible, less is more isn't a popular cultural concept. Less is More looks different for each person in their own context...

At TheWorley Co we think it means taking a portion of what we make from the shop and invest it in non-profits that are making a tangible difference in people's lives. We think our products are awesome, hand-crafted, designed, and printed but if buying one just means more stuff, don't buy it. On the other hand, if a unique gift from TheWorley Co would make a heart-felt difference to someone you're looking to gift this Christmas, we've got a killer lineup!

This December we're working with charity:water to bring people clean water. It's awesome. We'd be honored if you'd partner with us whether that is buying a hand-crafted shirt, beanie, or subscription or even just donate!