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3 Ways to Have the Worst Christmas Ever

Jeremy Worley

It's a fragile time... So how do you ensure that you make this holiday season the worst ever? Please, read on!

  1. Family Time: We've all got family issues, I get it. But if you really want to have a crappy December, think often about how much you're dreading spending time with your family. Ponder on how much you hate your brother's laugh, disagree with what other family members are doing, or the thought of eating grandma's fruitcake again.

  2. Gift Giving: Make sure and notice how stressed out you are about buying 1,345 gifts for everyone and their mother. Wallow in this. As you're walking through the insanely crowded Wal-Mart and your bank account continues to drain like a leaky boat, think about how happy your credit company is and the injection of cash you're giving to the massive corporations.
  3. Self-Consumption: It's all about you and your happiness. Now repeat to yourself. Now think about how you can make yourself happy, comfortable, and safe. Do this many times this December. Regardless of cost, affect on family and friends, or ditching out on any sort of self-deprivation please take tons of time for YOU and only YOU.

OR, what if this holiday season you just decided to approach it with unabashed GRATITUDE.
For example, 1. you HAVE a family to celebrate with. They absolutely have quarks(so do you!), are annoying, and make crappy food at times but you are fortunate to even have a family to be with, so savor that time. 2. Think about giving better, not more. You have a choice to not buy a bunch of stuff. Consider buying less stuff, as most people have plenty of stuff already. What if you hand-make a gift or give to cause or charity instead? What if you bough 1 gift instead of 3 and that gift made an impact in 3rd world people's lives....? 3. It's not about you and your happiness all the time. How incredible do you feel when you sacrifice for others? Consider it. Comfort feels nice, but there are much more important things.

I hope you enjoyed the post. It was intended to be funny, maybe even offensive at times. At TheWorley Co we hope we live out these values of being grateful, helping others, and not being self absorbed. That's why we set-up this December to be a time when we give back via our charity:water campaign. Check it out here, and check TheWorley Co store out as well.