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The Shop Is Open

Jeremy Worley

The Shop for The Worley is now open! We put 2 products in there currently that are dip pen originals. I love the old-school feel of dip pens. The ability to play with lines, weights, and type with the dip pen is something a Micron can never touch. Some descriptions of the pieces below.

This beauty  is one that I had done before and re-created a bit. I think ships are freaking awesome, so I try and include them whenever I can. I love the old sailor quotes, like "Hold Fast," as well and wanted to include that. I really enjoy the nature of this one as a bit of rough waves are contained within the corked bottle. 

"Captain Oh, my Captain" is a another quote I really appreciate that came from "Dead Poet's Society." The simple type on this one and the use of negative space makes it feel complete. The scattered clouds and 3-sail ship make for a scene I love to look at over and over again. This one was made with dip pens as well and has a rad frame created from aged wood.

You can purchase both of these originals in the shop and I'll get them out to you ASAP. More products will be cycling through so be sure to sign up for my e-mail list to know when the new stuff comes out. Sign up just to the right of this post.