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Do Cool Stuff T-shirt Story

Jeremy Worley

We just released a new T-Shirt up in the store! It's called "Do Cool Stuff" and it comes in Navy with a Yellow design. It's a limited run so get em while you can.

Here's a bit of story behind the shirt:

I believe in living an epic life and making epic stories. This doesn't mean I'm constantly sky-diving, elephant-riding, spearfishing, mountain climbing, shark-killing, or jet setting. I hope to live into the small epic moments of the day: Waking up to coffee with my wife, smoking my pipe on the back porch, hanging out with my brothers over steaks, working ridiculously hard at my day job to make folk's lives easier, or simply looking at shadows as the sun goes down.

I consider this cool stuff and I encourage you to do it. This is what the shirt is all about. Doing cool stuff. Living into the little wonders of the day. The Worley's roots lie in living an epic life, telling stories, and doing cool stuff. It's all about the little adventures, what will you do?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the shirt, The Worley, how you live out and Do Cool Stuff, or even if you just thought the shirt sucked. Hit it up in the comments!