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Stop... Just for a second.
















Stop... Just for a second.

Jeremy Worley

98% of us have stupid busy lives. Well maybe, I may have created that stat. 

I don't say this like we're victimized, it's completely our own doing and responsibility as to how much "stuff" we have in the day. This is why I bring up the fact that we need to STOP. Just for a moment maybe, but stop altogether.

I wrote about how It's All About The Little Things and stopping, even for a bit, is one way to soak in those little things. If we're constantly going-doing-looking to the next thing our days become a blur. In the end a lot of the busyness comes down to the fact that we want CONTROL, and this is our attempt at it. But we don't have control over everything. And that's OK! Get that. Read it out loud...

So just for a moment, STOP. Slow down, and let everything go for a bit. Realize that you're pretty, incredibly blessed and be thankful. Notice the unique things and people around you. Soak it up. Notice the Little Things whether that's colors, smells, people, sounds, the uniqueness and beauty of your spouse, or the awesome heart of your children. Just try it and see what happens, I promise you it's awesome....

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