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The Doers of Cool Stuff...

Jeremy Worley

The first run of Do Cool Stuff shirts was such a cool thing to see unfold. As people bought the shirts, they snapped some pics, doing some pretty cool stuff. Here are a few pictures we've collected since the release of the shirts.

Beau went on an epic high-ropes course, James helps people build better relationships every day, Jonathan went to fatty bike convention (Interbike) with Portal Bikes (a super rad non-profit that helps create pathways out of poverty in Nepal), my dad and I spent some time together and went to my little brother's soccer game, and John was on a team that did a 24 hr bike ride on Oahu.

It's the little things that, ironically, that add up to be really BIG things in our lives.

Whether it's helping someone out, climbing mountains, doing ropes courses, serving your community, or loving your family it's Cool Stuff. So go do it... We can talk about this stuff all day long, but if we don't do it, it's not a part of who we are.

Hope and Home

It's been a great first few months of The Worley. We ran the first bit of shirts, made some really neat connections and partnerships for the future, and we were able to give a portion of our profits to an organization called Hope and Home that helps do foster care really well. Thank you all so much for your support and involvement in the community that has been developing around