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It's All About The Little Things
















It's All About The Little Things

Jeremy Worley

Huge, epic adventures are awesome. Road-tripping across the US, jumping off a waterfall naked, camping in Yosemite, riding to the top of Pikes Peak, running a marathon, or taking a trip across border. These are great, yes, but this isn't what we live in. What about the other 90% of your life?

I remember Seth Godin, a really inspiring marketer and thinker, saying a quote that was similar to this: "Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, set up a life you don't need to escape from." What if we were more amazed by the little, everyday instances we exist in so that you no longer were wishing for the weekend but content in today?

This is what The Worley is all about, being content in today. We're not saying huge, epic adventures are bad, we freaking love those, but those are not our constant reality. Rather we hope to find such joy and amazement in the little things of the day that contentedness and gratitude are the results. This inspires and drives much of what we do here...

Think on that.

What would happen if you were intentional about being more amazed by the small "miracles" of the day. It might look like this: sitting in a bit of silence to just observe what's around you, appreciating the way your spouse smiles and talks, seeking to be genuinely thankful for the amount of food you'll eat tonight, soaking up a bit of sunshine and observing what natural beauty surrounds, celebrating a finished day at work or even just a small accomplishment, or take a look at what's around you and be thankful for the quarks and unique ins and outs of the world around. 

What little things are you appreciating, "living into", observing, celebrating, or choosing to be thankful for? Let me know in the comments. 

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