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Tell A Story

Jeremy Worley

Humans love stories, or maybe I just love stories. When my Grandpa Pederson was still living, I asked him all the time about his stories. He had the most epic tales of war, growing up, doing stupid things, marrying my grandma, and being Norwegian. There seems to be something in story though that seems to run a thread through all of us.

Stories are where we connect, relate, are amazed, are encouraged, shot down, or fulfilled.  At The Worley we love story, and hope to tell epic story's through everything we do. We've woven stories into each product, design, or blog to hopefully encourage and push people towards living a better life and impacting those around them.

Here's some story behind one of the products:

A tester for a kid's shirt.

A tester for a kid's shirt.

The Do Cool Stuff T-shirt was created from a few places. First, it's simple, straightforward, and just rad. Second, it encourages and is a bit quirky, quite fitting of The Worley.

We write blogs about "Keeping it Fresh," draw letters for Listening to the Silence, or soaking in the little moments of the day. This is what it's all about. Recognizing and valuing life. Living into today and celebrating each moment we have. Hopefully the end goal being that we're not self-focused poo-heads, but people that enjoy life and hope to make other's better...

"Captain Oh My Captain in

Do Cool Stuff is about telling stories, living a legacy, making things better, and rather than hoping for a better today, just making one with what you've got. SO go do it. Wear the shirt, do something cool, and then snap a picture and let us know what you're up to.