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It's All A Process

Jeremy Worley

I love the final products, but even more so I love the design process. It's super messy, ugly, but such a fun journey. You could make a lot of metaphors about how the journey of our lives is the same and we reach those pinnacles or high points in life when things feel a little bit finished. Although that endpoint feels incredible, we miss a lot if we don't soak in the process as it happens, or reminisce and be thankful once the process has finished.
At TheWorley Co. we love the process and the journey it is, whether that be in design or life. So, with no further ado, I show you some of the process work of TheWorley Co for the past few weeks.

It's super ugly, discombobulated, and pretty funny at times so enjoy it. We've got some great stuff on the way so be sure to sign up for our email list to know first. Enjoy

Here's the process of a new shirt that's coming out soon based around a whale and the words "Hold Fast"

A recent journal post about why TheWorley Co exists was called "Help People" and this was a bit of the concepting. I'll crank out about 8-15 initial designs to see how the feel is and what I'm hoping to communicate before going in a direction.

Was recently designing the back of the hangtags for all the products. I liked these concepts, but haven't turned it into reality yet.

There we go! A bit of the process. You could compare it to a burger. Making ground beef is a pretty dirty process, but Oh how tasty a burger is! Maybe not the best comparison, but you get it....

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