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#3: Fuel Change
















#3: Fuel Change

Jeremy Worley

Change. We love it. We love provoking it. Like the monster under the bed. Poking at it till it wakes up and flips out. The Worley Co exists to fuel change, thus the #3 Purpose is revealed.

Each person is given a situation. Whether poor, rich, struggling, blessed, privileged, knocked down, etc. we exist in what we've been given. We believe the world is broken, and what we've been blessed with needs to be used as a tool, regardless of how much or little we have. This is why a some of our work is pro-bono or the reason that we partner and support non-profits or charities that we believe in with a large percentage of our profits. We don't have a massive amount of resources, but we're doing what we can with what we have!

We want to help make a dent in the world's problems, and at this point in the company, partnering with those making a difference is what we feel is right and we love it. We're thankful for people like you that join with us in trying to make a difference with how we shop and live.

We think complacency and empathy sucks, and America is drowning in it. So we attempt at awakening and fuel change through our shirt designs, methods of running business, and the heart behind what we do. Good always wins, which is why at TheWorley Co people come before profits

TheWorley Co has had the honor of partnering with both Portal Bikes and charity:water in 2014.  We gave 25% of revenues to both causes during the months of October-December. This looked like $100 to Portal and $123 to charity:water. This is freaking awesome. The amount is small when compared to the bigger picture. We're helping, and every bit counts.

We're on a mission to make positive change in our world. Let's eliminate hunger, end modern day slavery, take down the epidemics, help economies thrive, and stand for those that need help. It's not going to be solved in a day, but if we focus and do as much as we can with what we have, that's all we've got.

We're committed to give it all we've got to fuel change, and we'd be honored if you joined us.