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#1: Help People
















#1: Help People

Jeremy Worley

Purpose for TheWorley Co #1: Help People.

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We love people. We love helping people. Thus, at the core of everything we do is our first purpose, Help People. This purpose can take on a lot of faces:
- Creating beautiful, helpful products that are sustainably and responsibly created
- Giving a large portion of our revenue to help solve problems in the world
- Highlighting and partnering with likeminded non-profits and charities
- Developing uplifting, encouraging content through images, blogs, emails, videos, graphics that empower and encourage those who encounter it.
- Setting an example of what a generous, social minded small business looks like
- Constantly looking for ways to partner with folks that we can serve, give, and encourage
- Striving to connect people to organizations that impact the world's issues, thus hoping to push a generation towards generosity

When you look at the world's issues it can be overwhelming. But we're not set on fixing everything, as we know we can't. We sure as hell can make a massive difference though.

That's why we're set on connecting folks through TheWorley Co to rad, responsible organizations that are impacting the world's problems in tangible ways. Our hope is that as TheWorley Co helps through it's various efforts, people would be inspired to do the same. Whether that is purchasing Worley Co product or it's through getting directly involved with the non-profits we partner with.