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#2: Make Exceptional Things
















#2: Make Exceptional Things

Jeremy Worley

Purpose #2: Make Exceptional Things

We're creators. Each and every one of us. Yes you. Whether you're managing employees, building furniture, being a mom or dad, answering phones, serving coffee, etc. each of us is cultivating and creating something. I think that is freaking awesome. Hence why at TheWorley Co. we seek to put intentionallity and craft into everything we create.

TheWorley doesn't exist to make money (although necessary for growth, sustainability, and impact), but it exists to create exceptional products and designs that help improve life (whether it's yourself, or globally through non-profits).

For example, each shirt is hand-printed by Jeremy in a basement shop. The designs are hand-drawn originals that have been painstakingly crafted. If a shirt isn't up to par, we don't sell (but they're great for re-using as testers...) If a design isn't something that is life-giving, fun, etc. it's scrapped for the moment. We're also putting a huge amount of time into learning, growing, and cultivating the design and business model to ensure we're never stagnant, but constantly moving forward.

Our world has enough stuff. We don't want to just make more stuff. A ton of sweat and though goes into each product or design because we want to make life better, not just add to the clutter of your closet or life.

We think buying fewer, yet higher quality products is worth it.

TheWorley Co. exists to make exceptional things, not just be another t-shirt company or designer trying to make a buck on a cheap logo. This is exciting, exhilarating, and really something we love, we hope you do too!

We've got some great designs in the pipeline right now so stay tuned. You can sign up for our email list and know right when the designs are ready to go!

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