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#4: Always Adventure
















#4: Always Adventure

Jeremy Worley

Life is an adventure. I hope that statement gives you a feeling of wonder, relief, enthusiasm, and imagination. Threaded through everything we do here at TheWorley Co is our fourth and final reason for existing, Always Adventure. Let's discuss it.

If we live our lives as an adventure, this has massive, life-changing implications. Don't take things too seriously, take things into perspective, and look at each situation as an opportunity rather than a roadblock. We like to think of our lives as a giant, epic storybook. I for one, am determined that my book isn't going to suck, thus why Adventure is at the core of what we do.  I think I speak for humanity as a whole when I say we want to live a fulfilling life, and from my corner of the world living it as an adventure is one of the most effective ways.

Look at our first design called Do Cool Stuff. This design erupted from a spirit of wanting to live each moment as an adventure rather than getting tied up and stopped by the normal day-to-day. I'm not talking about acting like a baby all day, but embracing the life you've been given as an adventure rather than a countdown till you kick the bucket.

I think when we consciously decide that we're going to live our lives as an adventure rather than a countdown, big changes happen not only in our hearts but how we live out our day-to-day. Think of it like a lens or a pair of glasses you put on. When you put these glasses on, you're kids squealing isn't annoying, loud and inappropriate but rather it is their expression of delight! Why not delight with them!? This lens transforms a mundane workday into an opportunity to bless, encourage, or help people and look to make the world a better place in a small way.

The lens influences how use the finances we're given. If life is an adventure, money loses it's value and we can freely and joyfully give and help those who have a lot less and are in need.

Think about it. How would viewing each day as an adventure influence your life? Would you have more fun with your kids? Would you stop blowing your money on electronics and help people? Would you seek to spend time on the stuff that matters most? Would you seek to more intentionally leave an epic and honorable legacy?

TheWorley Co exists with these four purposes at heart: Help People, Make Exceptional Things, Fuel Change, and Always Adventure. These purpose are the wheels on TheWorley Co bus. These purposes are the filter that brew everything through. These purposes are... Well you get the idea... 

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