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TheWorley Co + Seeds

Jeremy Worley

Like we said in the purpose series, helping people is one of our primary values. We want to help solve the world's issues. Although we're just one drop in a big bucket, at TheWorley Co we want to seek to make a difference in any way we can. Last year we were able to give 25% of our profits to charity:water and Portal Bikes. Long-term we have some ideas brewing for how we can come alongside folks to equip and help improve global issues. Where TheWorley Co is right now, we just want to give what we've been blessed with.

Which leads us to a really cool announcement. We're going to be giving 25% of our revenue from now until March 31 to an organization called Seed's Children's Home in Kitale, Kenya. My wife and I were fortunate enough to travel down there in the summer of 2013 and suffice it to say we were deeply impacted.

I came to know the man (Richard) that oversees Seed's about 6 or 7 years back and have been blown away at how one man's desire to see things change has impacted a community forever. Seed's has developed into a home for a few hundred orphans, a school for kid's who could not afford, weekly feeding stations for local kids, help widows in Kipsongo slums, and have sustainable micro-economic movements that ingeniously provided finances to grow and help more people. Seed's has a large home where a few hundred children are thoughtfully cared for and trained up to be incredible men and women. There are 10 acres of farmland on the grounds where they grow tomatoes, beans, bananas, corn, raise over 2,000 chickens, grow tilapia, and have their own wood-shop where young men are trained up as carpenters.

We really believe in what they are doing and how it can make a long, sustainable impact on the community. I'll be sharing more pictures and stories as we go along, but we're stoked to be able to give a bit of our profits away to help others do good. As a side note, they don't have a super legit website or anything so you'll just have to take our word for it : )

You can check out our store here. We've got a lot great stuff in there now and more on the way. Stay tuned!