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The Adventure Tee, story behind the threads
















The Adventure Tee, story behind the threads

Jeremy Worley

One of our core purposes at TheWorley Co is to Always Adventure. Whether that is through finding joy in the little things of your day, hiking a peak, or flying to Iceland and jumping in a volcano. It's all an adventure. Each day is an adventure. Each moment, no matter how mundane, is a moment that can be lived like an adventure, or just taken for granted.

When we approach life like this I think there's a dramatic shift in how we approach people, tough situations, problems, our spouses, and even joyful situations. Approaching life as an adventure can be compared to putting on new glasses. I remember when I first put on my glasses after going to the eye doctor(I was 14) and it was nuts. It changed everything. And I think the same goes for our outlook on life. We choose to approach each day and moment as an adventure that is to be lived, learned from, and experienced.

That's where the roots of this shirt came from. We seek to live the adventure in both big and small ways. Living the adventure can be as simple and straightforward as going to work, doing a sometimes mundane task, spending time with your kids, climbing a mountain, or taking a quick camping trip over the weekend. This shirt is a reminder of that, and to continually be looking to live the adventure in your day-to-day. They were hand-printed in TheWorley Co shop, on 100% cotton from Canvas apparel.