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The Hold Fast tee, the story
















The Hold Fast tee, the story

Jeremy Worley

At TheWorley Co, we love story and creating products and designs that have depth and meaning to them. We put a ton of heart, thought, and intention into each of our designs and I wanted to explain a bit behind what the Hold Fast Tee is all about:

The design comes the old sailor mantra "Hold Fast." I personally love nautical themes and the old sailor art and lingo and have been really inspired and influenced by it. Hold Fast was known as a statement that was shouted before a storm or some sort of challenge. I think this transcends into our own lives as we approach a challenge, and I hope it's an encouragement to Hold Fast. It's a known fact that storms are going to come your way and things can get a bit tough, but we Hold Fast through it. Out of that heart, this shirt was created. Additionally, the whale has a bit of smirk on his face as I think we should approach every situation with a a bit of humor and joy. Don't take anything too seriously!

The shirt is offered on for only the next 9 days in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. All of them are super soft, tri-blend fabric that will be sure to make it's one into your heart as a favorite tee. After the 9 days it will be gone and done (OK maybe TheWorley Co will print some...)

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