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Goods that do Good

Jeremy Worley

It's no secret that our world has issues. And we can either choose to sit on the sidelines and hope for the best, or try and be part of the solution. Helping create solutions is what we're pretty stoked on here at TheWorley Co. We think that the goods we create and design should have more to them than just the material. So each purchase from TheWorley Co. puts a large amount of the profit towards helping solve global issues. This all might sound kind of cloudy and lofty right now, but I promise you it will become much more tangible in the coming weeks... Stay tuned!

We get to help organizations that are striving to form solutions to some massive issues in the world: lack of clean water, education opportunities, justice for modern day slaves, and developing micro-economies through business.

We want the goods you purchase at TheWorley Co. to not only have exceptional quality and design, but to have a larger, positive global impact. To bring together quality goods with organizations that are making change. We hope to make a dent in some major global issues and we see TheWorley Co. as a way to live out that epic story.

Be stoked! We've got an exciting announcement that is going to make the whole "Goods that do Good" even more tangible.

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