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Change Maker tee, what's the story?
















Change Maker tee, what's the story?

Jeremy Worley

The Change Maker tee: 
This tee that is more than just some cotton and thread.

Here's the story: Portal Bikes is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and is headed up by a super cool dude named Caleb Spear. He has a crew of some great Nepalese guys that help him modify bicycles in order that the bikes be really helpful for business use. The bikes that they create launch people's small businesses to new levels. Portal gives the bikes on a Micro-loan and they've been a massive success (there's a huge waitlist!) Bikes make businesses that create pathways out of poverty.

Check out a few storys: They developed a corn-sheller that can shell 2 days worth of corn in 1.5 hrs. That's freaking nuts! Another example is a businessman that sold small wares such as candy bars, little shampoos, and other small "stuff". Originally he did it by having plastic bags hang from his handlebars. With a Portal bike he has carriers and sections on the back of his bike. Enabling him to carry WAY more inventory to sell. It's a small machine that is making a massive impact in Kathmandu. 

Here-in steps TheWorley Co : We've created a shirt that has an outline of a Portal Bike and says Change Maker below it. We hope it sparks conversation and also emphasizes what a massive change can happen by simply modifying bikes. All the proceeds from the shirt go straight to Portal to help them develop more bikes and staff.

Check out the shirt below. It's on sale NOW.

A bit more about Portal: