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The Do Cool Stuff story continues

Jeremy Worley

One of the core reasons that TheWorley Co exists is this: Live epic adventures and help others live adventures as well. Out of this value came the very first design of TheWorley Co: Do Cool Stuff.

And now the story continues. Today we're debuting the Do Cool Stuff shirt in a black/white scheme and also creating the design in green and red in kid's sizes. We're super stoked on these! The tees were all hand-printed by Jeremy (founder of TheWorley Co.)

So what's the story? The tee was created to encourage yourself and others to make every day into an adventure. To Do Cool Stuff and keep that in mind as you pursue living your day out. Since the company was founded and is rooted in Colorado Springs, Colorado we couldn't think of anything more iconic than some mountains and a path leading into them. It's intended to be simple, minimal, and a rad conversation started.

The black tees are made of some super-soft poly/cotton blend that won't shrink much and is sure to be one of your favorite comfy tees. The kid's version is a soft 100% cotton tee that'll keep that kiddo happy while they're running, jumping, and causing a raucous.

Get the tee soon as they are a very limited run. Here's a few photos of the new threads

(photo cred. to Koren Worley and Sabrina Stutzman)

And remember, we're all about Goods That Do Good. 25% of every purchase is going to help Rebuild Nepal through supporting Portal Bikes efforts.