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Rebuild Nepal
















Rebuild Nepal

Jeremy Worley

The Worley Co. + Portal

Post-earthquake Nepal is going to need a lot of time, effort, and investment to help rebuild what is now even more broken than before. We're stoked out of our minds for one of our partners and friends Portal Bikes that lives and operates in Kathmandu, Nepal. They've been in the thick of the devastation but have also been able to provide immediate relief and resources via their staff and the epic Portal Cargo Bike. Check out their Facebook page here. They've got some really rad videos and images of what they've been up to.

Rebuild Nepal tee

We're all about Goods That Do Good at TheWorley Co. and so we've created the Rebuild Nepal tee. This is an exclusive, limited edition tee that is available for pre-sale right now. For each tee that is bought, $18 goes straight to the rebuilding efforts in Nepal through Portal.

The tee is a pre-sale where you purchase the tee now, the money goes straight to Portal, and in 2 weeks we print and ship the orders (don't worry we'll keep you in the loop!) Buy the tee here.

I would highly encourage you to check out what they're doing as it is incredible and transparent.  They are in the thick of building solid, metal sheeting shelters. These are invaluable when so many people are still just sleeping under tarps. 

We're committed to helping in any way we can so in addition to the Rebuild Nepal tee, 25% of all revenue from TheWorley Co. in May will go straight to Portal's rebuilding efforts. At the end of the month we'll give you some insight on what that looks like in dollar amount. Go and check out our store here.

Check out some images of what Portal has been up to in disaster relief.