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Happy Summer

Jeremy Worley

I love a good tee-shirt. One that is soft, well designed, and has great use of color. But most of all, I’m passionate about the story behind a tee or product. I think we live in a hyper-consumerist society where we've lost connection with the story behind our products, simply because there isn't one.

TheWorley Co. is hoping to change that. We want to live life adventurously and we think that making epic product is a first step.

As you’ve probably seen, we just debuted 3 new products: The Colorado Tee, The Adventure Tee (again), and The Wander Notebook. Each is rooted in a story and one thing that connects them all is that they are all Goods That Do Good. 25% of the purchase goes straight to helping our friends Portal rebuild Nepal after a devastating earthquake. The Wander Notebook contributes towards building schools in Mali and Guatemala via our friends Denik. We are fired up about helping people and always investing in global causes that are changing the modern landscape for the better. 

TheWorley Co. resides in the beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We love living here and really appreciate the beauty we come in contact with every single day. It’s pretty mind-blowing. We also love all the cool stuff that Coloradans make. Thus with Adventure at it’s heart, we decided to create The Colorado Tee. A unique take on colorado in a simple, clean design with spots of texture. We think it embodies the heart of Colorado culture and hope you’re as stoked about it as we are.

We are always seeking to live life adventurously. It’s one of our core 3 purposes for existing and we love making tees based around our passion for adventure. Whether it’s a big epic adventure to the Grand Canyon, or it is simply just playing with your kids in the front yard: It’s all an adventure if you view it as such. A deep, matte, blue on a silvery/grey tee is how it was printed. Toss one of these guys one and remind yourself of the adventure whenever you wear it. Get it here.


Last, we’ve got the Wander notebook. Let’s be real, most of us need to chill out more often. I try and make it a habit to rest my mind daily. That’s why we made the notebook. To remind ourselves to let all the business of the day go for a few minutes and recharge. Taking little bits of rest and "wandering" enables us to do the rest of our day really well. The notebook is a sturdy softcover with blank, white pages inside just waiting for you to fill them up. You can snag one here.

So that’s it. We think each product should have deep meaning, purpose, and roots and we hope that by connecting to the story of the product that you find them even more exciting.