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Goods That Do Good

Jeremy Worley

For some time we had this "mental itch" about what we buy, and maybe you do too. The products we were buying didn't have a deeper story behind them. We had a functional, consumerist view of stuff and felt that there's gotta be something better...

We don’t think it’s too much to ask for stuff that’s ethically created, well designed, and helps people and economies in a sustainable way. We knew this was possible, so we figured to make change in the industry, what better than to do it ourselves. TheWorley Co creates Goods That Do Good. 

Products that are well crafted, hand-designed, super comfortable, and help tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. Each product’s story is woven into the bigger vision of helping others.

We try and ensure that as much money as possible goes to helping from the business. Typically this is 25% of each purchase. We want to invest in others, but also the business to help with growth. The bigger the company gets, the more we can help people.

So where do we help? We feel there are 3 main issues to address: clean water, business development, and education. We’ve thoroughly vetted 3 organizations we work with, 1 in each arena (charity:water, Portal Bikes, and Restore International).

Take charity:water for example: an organization who gives 100% of donations straight to water projects, gives you coordinates of where the water project is, and has incredible transparency on how they are helping and striving to make a sustainable impact. We try and make sure that we’re making solid, helpful, and sustainable impact in the world. Helping communities rather than just dump and run. Check out our charity:water campaign here.

We've also been able to come along our friends Portal Bikes with helping rebuild Nepal as well as establishing small, sustainable businesses for locals.(more about that another day!) 

In the past few months we’ve made some products we’re hoping you’ll love! Some epic Goods That Do Good. Here’s the rundown: We debuted 2 new Do Cool Stuff tees , 2 steel pint cups where each cup gives someone water for an entire year, and a new notebook for all your epic ideas and to-do lists! Check out some of the images in this email for a sneak peek.

Go ahead and check out the shop for all of our Goods That Do Good. We've got a full shop of products that have are connected to a deeper story.