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The Adventure Tee, story behind the threads

Jeremy Worley

One of our core purposes at TheWorley Co is to Always Adventure. Whether that is through finding joy in the little things of your day, hiking a peak, or flying to Iceland and jumping in a volcano. It's all an adventure. Each day is an adventure. Each moment, no matter how mundane, is a moment that can be lived like an adventure, or just taken for granted.

When we approach life like this I think there's a dramatic shift in how we approach people, tough situations, problems, our spouses, and even joyful situations. Approaching life as an adventure can be compared to putting on new glasses. I remember when I first put on my glasses after going to the eye doctor(I was 14) and it was nuts. It changed everything. And I think the same goes for our outlook on life. We choose to approach each day and moment as an adventure that is to be lived, learned from, and experienced.

That's where the roots of this shirt came from. We seek to live the adventure in both big and small ways. Living the adventure can be as simple and straightforward as going to work, doing a sometimes mundane task, spending time with your kids, climbing a mountain, or taking a quick camping trip over the weekend. This shirt is a reminder of that, and to continually be looking to live the adventure in your day-to-day. They were hand-printed in TheWorley Co shop, on 100% cotton from Canvas apparel. 

A peek into the future

Jeremy Worley

It's probably pretty obvious, but we love T-Shirts here at TheWorley Co.

We love unique designs that are simple, inspire us, and just look freaking cool on a shirt. If you feel this way too, you're in luck. We've got some stuff in the pipeline to be stoked on. 3 new shirts are on their way soon, and you may want to start saving your pennies to snag em. Check em out below:

Hyperlapse of the process.

Jeremy Worley

I love getting to peek into the process of people creating things, and maybe you do too. Here's a quick Hyperlapse of TheWorley Co's creation of some recent shirts. Stay tuned as the designs will be revealed in a bit!

Making Room

Jeremy Worley

We've got some really neat new stuff on the way and we need to make room in the shop! Enter promo code MAKEROOM for 40% off your order from now until next Tuesday!

TheWorley Co + Seeds

Jeremy Worley

Like we said in the purpose series, helping people is one of our primary values. We want to help solve the world's issues. Although we're just one drop in a big bucket, at TheWorley Co we want to seek to make a difference in any way we can. Last year we were able to give 25% of our profits to charity:water and Portal Bikes. Long-term we have some ideas brewing for how we can come alongside folks to equip and help improve global issues. Where TheWorley Co is right now, we just want to give what we've been blessed with.

Which leads us to a really cool announcement. We're going to be giving 25% of our revenue from now until March 31 to an organization called Seed's Children's Home in Kitale, Kenya. My wife and I were fortunate enough to travel down there in the summer of 2013 and suffice it to say we were deeply impacted.

I came to know the man (Richard) that oversees Seed's about 6 or 7 years back and have been blown away at how one man's desire to see things change has impacted a community forever. Seed's has developed into a home for a few hundred orphans, a school for kid's who could not afford, weekly feeding stations for local kids, help widows in Kipsongo slums, and have sustainable micro-economic movements that ingeniously provided finances to grow and help more people. Seed's has a large home where a few hundred children are thoughtfully cared for and trained up to be incredible men and women. There are 10 acres of farmland on the grounds where they grow tomatoes, beans, bananas, corn, raise over 2,000 chickens, grow tilapia, and have their own wood-shop where young men are trained up as carpenters.

We really believe in what they are doing and how it can make a long, sustainable impact on the community. I'll be sharing more pictures and stories as we go along, but we're stoked to be able to give a bit of our profits away to help others do good. As a side note, they don't have a super legit website or anything so you'll just have to take our word for it : )

You can check out our store here. We've got a lot great stuff in there now and more on the way. Stay tuned!

#4: Always Adventure

Jeremy Worley

Life is an adventure. I hope that statement gives you a feeling of wonder, relief, enthusiasm, and imagination. Threaded through everything we do here at TheWorley Co is our fourth and final reason for existing, Always Adventure. Let's discuss it.

If we live our lives as an adventure, this has massive, life-changing implications. Don't take things too seriously, take things into perspective, and look at each situation as an opportunity rather than a roadblock. We like to think of our lives as a giant, epic storybook. I for one, am determined that my book isn't going to suck, thus why Adventure is at the core of what we do.  I think I speak for humanity as a whole when I say we want to live a fulfilling life, and from my corner of the world living it as an adventure is one of the most effective ways.

Look at our first design called Do Cool Stuff. This design erupted from a spirit of wanting to live each moment as an adventure rather than getting tied up and stopped by the normal day-to-day. I'm not talking about acting like a baby all day, but embracing the life you've been given as an adventure rather than a countdown till you kick the bucket.

I think when we consciously decide that we're going to live our lives as an adventure rather than a countdown, big changes happen not only in our hearts but how we live out our day-to-day. Think of it like a lens or a pair of glasses you put on. When you put these glasses on, you're kids squealing isn't annoying, loud and inappropriate but rather it is their expression of delight! Why not delight with them!? This lens transforms a mundane workday into an opportunity to bless, encourage, or help people and look to make the world a better place in a small way.

The lens influences how use the finances we're given. If life is an adventure, money loses it's value and we can freely and joyfully give and help those who have a lot less and are in need.

Think about it. How would viewing each day as an adventure influence your life? Would you have more fun with your kids? Would you stop blowing your money on electronics and help people? Would you seek to spend time on the stuff that matters most? Would you seek to more intentionally leave an epic and honorable legacy?

TheWorley Co exists with these four purposes at heart: Help People, Make Exceptional Things, Fuel Change, and Always Adventure. These purpose are the wheels on TheWorley Co bus. These purposes are the filter that brew everything through. These purposes are... Well you get the idea... 

Thanks for being a part of this story we're writing. We'd love if you passed this on to your friends or even signed up for our email list below. Get all the latest and greatest from TheWorley Co delivered right to your inbox.

#3: Fuel Change

Jeremy Worley

Change. We love it. We love provoking it. Like the monster under the bed. Poking at it till it wakes up and flips out. The Worley Co exists to fuel change, thus the #3 Purpose is revealed.

Each person is given a situation. Whether poor, rich, struggling, blessed, privileged, knocked down, etc. we exist in what we've been given. We believe the world is broken, and what we've been blessed with needs to be used as a tool, regardless of how much or little we have. This is why a some of our work is pro-bono or the reason that we partner and support non-profits or charities that we believe in with a large percentage of our profits. We don't have a massive amount of resources, but we're doing what we can with what we have!

We want to help make a dent in the world's problems, and at this point in the company, partnering with those making a difference is what we feel is right and we love it. We're thankful for people like you that join with us in trying to make a difference with how we shop and live.

We think complacency and empathy sucks, and America is drowning in it. So we attempt at awakening and fuel change through our shirt designs, methods of running business, and the heart behind what we do. Good always wins, which is why at TheWorley Co people come before profits

TheWorley Co has had the honor of partnering with both Portal Bikes and charity:water in 2014.  We gave 25% of revenues to both causes during the months of October-December. This looked like $100 to Portal and $123 to charity:water. This is freaking awesome. The amount is small when compared to the bigger picture. We're helping, and every bit counts.

We're on a mission to make positive change in our world. Let's eliminate hunger, end modern day slavery, take down the epidemics, help economies thrive, and stand for those that need help. It's not going to be solved in a day, but if we focus and do as much as we can with what we have, that's all we've got.

We're committed to give it all we've got to fuel change, and we'd be honored if you joined us.

It's All A Process

Jeremy Worley

I love the final products, but even more so I love the design process. It's super messy, ugly, but such a fun journey. You could make a lot of metaphors about how the journey of our lives is the same and we reach those pinnacles or high points in life when things feel a little bit finished. Although that endpoint feels incredible, we miss a lot if we don't soak in the process as it happens, or reminisce and be thankful once the process has finished.
At TheWorley Co. we love the process and the journey it is, whether that be in design or life. So, with no further ado, I show you some of the process work of TheWorley Co for the past few weeks.

It's super ugly, discombobulated, and pretty funny at times so enjoy it. We've got some great stuff on the way so be sure to sign up for our email list to know first. Enjoy

Here's the process of a new shirt that's coming out soon based around a whale and the words "Hold Fast"

A recent journal post about why TheWorley Co exists was called "Help People" and this was a bit of the concepting. I'll crank out about 8-15 initial designs to see how the feel is and what I'm hoping to communicate before going in a direction.

Was recently designing the back of the hangtags for all the products. I liked these concepts, but haven't turned it into reality yet.

There we go! A bit of the process. You could compare it to a burger. Making ground beef is a pretty dirty process, but Oh how tasty a burger is! Maybe not the best comparison, but you get it....

Want to see what we've got right now in the store? Check it out here:

#2: Make Exceptional Things

Jeremy Worley

Purpose #2: Make Exceptional Things

We're creators. Each and every one of us. Yes you. Whether you're managing employees, building furniture, being a mom or dad, answering phones, serving coffee, etc. each of us is cultivating and creating something. I think that is freaking awesome. Hence why at TheWorley Co. we seek to put intentionallity and craft into everything we create.

TheWorley doesn't exist to make money (although necessary for growth, sustainability, and impact), but it exists to create exceptional products and designs that help improve life (whether it's yourself, or globally through non-profits).

For example, each shirt is hand-printed by Jeremy in a basement shop. The designs are hand-drawn originals that have been painstakingly crafted. If a shirt isn't up to par, we don't sell (but they're great for re-using as testers...) If a design isn't something that is life-giving, fun, etc. it's scrapped for the moment. We're also putting a huge amount of time into learning, growing, and cultivating the design and business model to ensure we're never stagnant, but constantly moving forward.

Our world has enough stuff. We don't want to just make more stuff. A ton of sweat and though goes into each product or design because we want to make life better, not just add to the clutter of your closet or life.

We think buying fewer, yet higher quality products is worth it.

TheWorley Co. exists to make exceptional things, not just be another t-shirt company or designer trying to make a buck on a cheap logo. This is exciting, exhilarating, and really something we love, we hope you do too!

We've got some great designs in the pipeline right now so stay tuned. You can sign up for our email list and know right when the designs are ready to go!

Check out some cool stuff we've got in the store right now as well:

#1: Help People

Jeremy Worley

Purpose for TheWorley Co #1: Help People.

Click the image for a larger view.

We love people. We love helping people. Thus, at the core of everything we do is our first purpose, Help People. This purpose can take on a lot of faces:
- Creating beautiful, helpful products that are sustainably and responsibly created
- Giving a large portion of our revenue to help solve problems in the world
- Highlighting and partnering with likeminded non-profits and charities
- Developing uplifting, encouraging content through images, blogs, emails, videos, graphics that empower and encourage those who encounter it.
- Setting an example of what a generous, social minded small business looks like
- Constantly looking for ways to partner with folks that we can serve, give, and encourage
- Striving to connect people to organizations that impact the world's issues, thus hoping to push a generation towards generosity

When you look at the world's issues it can be overwhelming. But we're not set on fixing everything, as we know we can't. We sure as hell can make a massive difference though.

That's why we're set on connecting folks through TheWorley Co to rad, responsible organizations that are impacting the world's problems in tangible ways. Our hope is that as TheWorley Co helps through it's various efforts, people would be inspired to do the same. Whether that is purchasing Worley Co product or it's through getting directly involved with the non-profits we partner with.

The Purpose... Why?

Jeremy Worley

The Purpose. It's critical to what we do. 
Why do you do what you do? 
I kind of have a love/hate relationship with the word "why". 

As I love how it reveals, inquires, and challenges the norm. At the same time it makes you think and really get down to the nitty gritty.

For the next couple of weeks, there will be emails and pieces designed around the "WHY" of what we do at TheWorley Co. Why do we do what we do, and what story is behind the products, designs, and heartbeat of The Worley Co? Stay tuned, I'm hoping you'll enjoy as much as I have. 

3 Ways to Have the Worst Christmas Ever

Jeremy Worley

It's a fragile time... So how do you ensure that you make this holiday season the worst ever? Please, read on!

  1. Family Time: We've all got family issues, I get it. But if you really want to have a crappy December, think often about how much you're dreading spending time with your family. Ponder on how much you hate your brother's laugh, disagree with what other family members are doing, or the thought of eating grandma's fruitcake again.

  2. Gift Giving: Make sure and notice how stressed out you are about buying 1,345 gifts for everyone and their mother. Wallow in this. As you're walking through the insanely crowded Wal-Mart and your bank account continues to drain like a leaky boat, think about how happy your credit company is and the injection of cash you're giving to the massive corporations.
  3. Self-Consumption: It's all about you and your happiness. Now repeat to yourself. Now think about how you can make yourself happy, comfortable, and safe. Do this many times this December. Regardless of cost, affect on family and friends, or ditching out on any sort of self-deprivation please take tons of time for YOU and only YOU.

OR, what if this holiday season you just decided to approach it with unabashed GRATITUDE.
For example, 1. you HAVE a family to celebrate with. They absolutely have quarks(so do you!), are annoying, and make crappy food at times but you are fortunate to even have a family to be with, so savor that time. 2. Think about giving better, not more. You have a choice to not buy a bunch of stuff. Consider buying less stuff, as most people have plenty of stuff already. What if you hand-make a gift or give to cause or charity instead? What if you bough 1 gift instead of 3 and that gift made an impact in 3rd world people's lives....? 3. It's not about you and your happiness all the time. How incredible do you feel when you sacrifice for others? Consider it. Comfort feels nice, but there are much more important things.

I hope you enjoyed the post. It was intended to be funny, maybe even offensive at times. At TheWorley Co we hope we live out these values of being grateful, helping others, and not being self absorbed. That's why we set-up this December to be a time when we give back via our charity:water campaign. Check it out here, and check TheWorley Co store out as well.

Less ends up being more

Jeremy Worley

I love the Holiday season. Family dinners, cold days, snow falling, gift giving, etc. It's awesome.

One thing I noticed though. We have a lot. Our lives are super full.

Full of stuff, full of busyness, full of schedules, full of activities.

And it's all great and well intentioned. The irony in being full is that the original intention is comfort and completion, but MORE only brings clutter, anxiety and stress. Think about it. We buy stuff to make our lives easier or more comfortable, but that stuff innately requires more stuff, time, and maintenance for it to function and thus compounding and creating craziness.

This year, consider that less might be more.

I heard a great analogy about plants the other day where a guy said that we prune the stuff that doesn't help the most important areas of our lives. So what's important and what do you need to "prune"? 

On a day where it's all about buying a ton of stuff for as cheap as possible, less is more isn't a popular cultural concept. Less is More looks different for each person in their own context...

At TheWorley Co we think it means taking a portion of what we make from the shop and invest it in non-profits that are making a tangible difference in people's lives. We think our products are awesome, hand-crafted, designed, and printed but if buying one just means more stuff, don't buy it. On the other hand, if a unique gift from TheWorley Co would make a heart-felt difference to someone you're looking to gift this Christmas, we've got a killer lineup!

This December we're working with charity:water to bring people clean water. It's awesome. We'd be honored if you'd partner with us whether that is buying a hand-crafted shirt, beanie, or subscription or even just donate! 

The Worley Winter Subscription

Jeremy Worley

Excited to announce a new product for TheWorley Co!
It's called "The Winter Subscription".

The subscription is an awesome way to get a ton of value without breaking the bank. Normally $75, the subscription gives 3 months of Worley Co product. Not only that, but subscribers get access to a few Worley Products long before they go live to the general public.

 It's perfect if you're looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift where all you have to do is order online and we'll do the rest! Lastly don't forget that 25% of all revenue goes straight to our charity:water campaign.

You can make a tangible impact with you're gift giving this year as someone gets a great gift while you also are helping people in Ethiopia have access to clean water. This is freaking awesome. 

Order below:

Keep Warm!

Jeremy Worley

It's here, it's here! So stoked to show you these new products that just debuted. We have a new Tee and 3 different choices for beanies. 

Here's the quick story: It's The Little Things is all about soaking up the little things in your day. Most of us are beyond blessed with way more than we need, yet still get punched with dissatisfaction. I'm convinced if we stopped to appreciate The Little Things, you will live life differently (in a good way). The shirt is made of super-soft blend of cotton. Handprinted in my shop.

The Beanie is a bit of a spin-off of the Do Cool Stuff shirt. It's woven into a stretchy, super-warm beanie with a neat cuff. They come in 3 colors.

Don't forget, with every purchase you make 25% goes to provide clean water in Ethiopia. Yeha! Make a real impact and help some people out! Check out the products below and here in the shop.

Make An Impact This Holiday Season...

Jeremy Worley

What change could happen if we sought to change people's lives through our purchases this Christmas? There are a host of other likeminded company's and people.

I ask you to consider as the holidays roll around, to think through the impact you could make this holiday season as you look to give gifts. Whether that is buying something from a company that gives back or altogether just making gifts and donating money to organizations. DO SOMETHING!

Here are a few neat companies to check out as you're thinking about this Holiday season:

Krochet Kids makes some of the coolest clothes and beanies. They have programs in Peru and Africa that empower women through jobs and education. Handmade, super-rad stuff. Check em out here.

Sevenly donates $7 of every sale to a charity. Their shirts are super neat and have incredible lettering. Click here for their site.

Yours truly! 25% of every sale goes to charity:water until January 1. We continually seek to partner with non-profits to make a difference and also to make epic products for you. Click here for the shop.

Exciting stuff on the way! We've got 3 new products coming out in the next couple weeks. We've got a new T-Shirt, beanies, and an awesome 3-month subscription packed full of some great value. More to come soon so just stay tuned....

charity:water + TheWorley Co.

Jeremy Worley

Holiday season is here! I love it. It's such a rad time to hang with friends and family and just relax a bit. Yet, I was blown away when I heard a stat that Americans spend around $500 million on Christmas gifts. 

At TheWorley we hope that everything we do enacts positive change in people's lives, and Christmas is no different. We're partnering with charity:water and giving 25% of any revenues from TheWorley Co Shop to help people get clean water.

So when you buy something from TheWorley shop you're not just getting or giving a gift locally, but impacting globally. You're impacting people in Sub-Sarahan Africa who would not have clean water otherwise. Watch the vide below for a bit more about charity:water:

Exciting stuff on the way! We've got 3 new products coming out in the next couple weeks. We've got a new T-Shirt, beanies, and an awesome 3-month subscription packed full of some great value. More to come soon so just stay tuned....

Inside The Process...

Jeremy Worley

Hey there! It's been awhile, and I apologize. Things have been busy here at TheWorley and trying to make sure we do things sustainably around here.

Recently we did some some custom work for a long-time friend. He has an auto-shop in town (Terry's Auto Works, I highly recommend him!) and he does some epic restorations of old cars. I was stoked and honored to take on designing and printing some custom shirts for the shop. I really tried to get the special attention to detail and customization in the lettering so as to reflect his same focus of his cars and restorations.

I thought it might be fun to show you some process shots. I love transparency and seeing the "insides" of things so here you go: (Hint it's a slideshow type deal)

You can sign up for my email list as well at the bottom of this post, get all this delivered to your inbox along with all the latest and greatest from TheWorley

I'm always open to custom work so feel free to reach out if you have any ideas and I'd be happy to talk over what we might be able to work out. Click the button to the right to go to my contact form and we can get the ball rolling.

It's Not a Sprint

Jeremy Worley

Some people tend to be super lazy, others are just work way too much. I have a tendency to do a bit much. Pretty often I've seen a trend where I'll go super hard for as long as I can and then just crash out. In reflecting, I realize that I did a bunch of stuff really poorly rather than a few things really well. This is where the title comes from, "It's Not A Sprint."

I'm all about working super hard and making the most of the moment, but sometimes you just have to remind yourself that time is more like a marathon than a sprint. I've been trying to look at things more in long-term, than immediate work and gratification.

So think about that for your own life. Again, you should value every single day and do your best to maximize your opportunity, BUT if you stretch yourself so thin on taking all opportunities or trying to do everything you can, than you end up doing a bunch of things really crappy. This where I've found it really valuable, and super gratifying, to focus on what's in front of me and doing that really well. Then, when that task, project, or job is finished move on and focus on what's next. But constantly thinking about ALL the things we can do ends up making us super inefficient.

The Do Cool Stuff shirt is living it up this fall.

The Do Cool Stuff shirt is living it up this fall.

In America's culture at the moment there are both extremes: The overly relaxed, lazy kid that takes all the 1st world luxuries for granted and makes a big deal of stupid problems like where the Lexus keys ended up. On the other end, probably the more widespread, is the hyper-busy and ultra-connected, fast-paced individual who can't seem to get a breath with all the business they've filled their day with. Call that stereo-typing, but so-far that's been my observation (in the context I live).

Make the most of the moments your able to live in for sure, but also think about if you're addicted to busy. And if you're super busy in the present, you might miss the most important things in the day. Make an attempt at freeing up a bit of space. Realize it's more of a marathon than a sprint...

We're closing out our month with Portal Bikes. It's been great! We were able to give a sweet amount of our profits to them to help them grow their own efforts in erasing poverty. We love this stuff! Thanks so much for partnering with us. More to come for sure! If you haven't gotten a chance, check them out here. 

Do What You Can with What You've Got...

Jeremy Worley

The world's got problems. Lots of em. If you don't believe me just turn on a news station and you'll get your fill.

Hopefully, at the end of life, it'd be rad to know that we made some sort of a dent in the big, beastly problems that exist. I realize I can't do it all, or really even that much, but I will do everything I can with what I've got. I'm hoping you'll join me.

This fuels a lot of what happens at The Worley. We believe in social justice, and seeking to change and push people towards generosity. The company and it's influence is quite small at the moment, but that is the least of our worries.

From small to big, TheWorley is committed to utilizing what we've got to make a difference. Right now, this looks like helping non-profits and charities with our proceeds and investing in causes that we really believe in and are making a difference.

For the month of October we've been talking all about Portal and partnering with them. It's been awesome. If you haven't, check them out. Tell your friends.

Each of us is a change agent, a catalyst if you will. Yet, we often don't use what we have. It's like there's some barrier that we think we have to pass. "Oh well once I get on my feet financially; or Hey I'll do it when I've graduated; or My life is pretty hectic, I will when things calm down." But that's the thing, that time never comes.

You'll never be in that level ground when everything is calm and "right" to really go for something, that place doesn't even exist. So just do it already. Don't wait, just use what you have. Please. The world needs it. Step outside the box. Help people. Do whatever you can to positively impact with what you have.... 

The rest of this month, 20% of all sales in TheWorley shop go straight to Portal Bikes.