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Do What You Can with What You've Got...
















Do What You Can with What You've Got...

Jeremy Worley

The world's got problems. Lots of em. If you don't believe me just turn on a news station and you'll get your fill.

Hopefully, at the end of life, it'd be rad to know that we made some sort of a dent in the big, beastly problems that exist. I realize I can't do it all, or really even that much, but I will do everything I can with what I've got. I'm hoping you'll join me.

This fuels a lot of what happens at The Worley. We believe in social justice, and seeking to change and push people towards generosity. The company and it's influence is quite small at the moment, but that is the least of our worries.

From small to big, TheWorley is committed to utilizing what we've got to make a difference. Right now, this looks like helping non-profits and charities with our proceeds and investing in causes that we really believe in and are making a difference.

For the month of October we've been talking all about Portal and partnering with them. It's been awesome. If you haven't, check them out. Tell your friends.

Each of us is a change agent, a catalyst if you will. Yet, we often don't use what we have. It's like there's some barrier that we think we have to pass. "Oh well once I get on my feet financially; or Hey I'll do it when I've graduated; or My life is pretty hectic, I will when things calm down." But that's the thing, that time never comes.

You'll never be in that level ground when everything is calm and "right" to really go for something, that place doesn't even exist. So just do it already. Don't wait, just use what you have. Please. The world needs it. Step outside the box. Help people. Do whatever you can to positively impact with what you have.... 

The rest of this month, 20% of all sales in TheWorley shop go straight to Portal Bikes.