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It's Not a Sprint
















It's Not a Sprint

Jeremy Worley

Some people tend to be super lazy, others are just work way too much. I have a tendency to do a bit much. Pretty often I've seen a trend where I'll go super hard for as long as I can and then just crash out. In reflecting, I realize that I did a bunch of stuff really poorly rather than a few things really well. This is where the title comes from, "It's Not A Sprint."

I'm all about working super hard and making the most of the moment, but sometimes you just have to remind yourself that time is more like a marathon than a sprint. I've been trying to look at things more in long-term, than immediate work and gratification.

So think about that for your own life. Again, you should value every single day and do your best to maximize your opportunity, BUT if you stretch yourself so thin on taking all opportunities or trying to do everything you can, than you end up doing a bunch of things really crappy. This where I've found it really valuable, and super gratifying, to focus on what's in front of me and doing that really well. Then, when that task, project, or job is finished move on and focus on what's next. But constantly thinking about ALL the things we can do ends up making us super inefficient.

The Do Cool Stuff shirt is living it up this fall.

The Do Cool Stuff shirt is living it up this fall.

In America's culture at the moment there are both extremes: The overly relaxed, lazy kid that takes all the 1st world luxuries for granted and makes a big deal of stupid problems like where the Lexus keys ended up. On the other end, probably the more widespread, is the hyper-busy and ultra-connected, fast-paced individual who can't seem to get a breath with all the business they've filled their day with. Call that stereo-typing, but so-far that's been my observation (in the context I live).

Make the most of the moments your able to live in for sure, but also think about if you're addicted to busy. And if you're super busy in the present, you might miss the most important things in the day. Make an attempt at freeing up a bit of space. Realize it's more of a marathon than a sprint...

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