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Keeping It Fresh
















Keeping It Fresh

Jeremy Worley



You know days can be monotonous. We get complacent and eventually settle into a rhythm where days just seems to pass by. At The Worley we try and do the opposite. To soak in every surprise, embrace the day, and live into what's in front has been the goal since Day 1. Sometimes(or all the time...) it doesn't work out like we hoped, but we keep persisting.

I have a few recommendations on how we all can "keep it fresh" throughout our days and weeks:

  • Be thankful - I've been blown away with how thankfulness changes one's perspective massively, almost instantaneously. The majority of us have very comfortable 1st world lives where we experience things some people only dream of. Be THANKFUL

  • Soak in the little things - It's all about the little stuff in your day! Whether that be the colors of leaves, sound of creaking wood floors, silence when your son is reading, admiring your spouse, or looking at clouds in the sky. Be amazed at the little "miracles" that daily happen around you.
  • Celebrate - I'm all about finding reasons to celebrate. Whether it just be finishing a day at work or even graduating college, celebrate at least once a day. It keeps things fresh and gives you great perspective on work that has been invested in something. Celebrate your kids' "little" accomplishments and celebrate your spouse often, even if it's just because it's Thursday. Do it. 

How do you keep it fresh? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments.

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