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Selling Tees, Digging Wells September
















Selling Tees, Digging Wells September

Jeremy Worley

Connecting a well crafted good to a deeper story of helping people is the whole reason for the existence of TheWorley Co. Shop. We wanted to connect the daily goods we were purchasing to make an impact in the world, rather than just being another creature of consumption. So for every tee, around $5-7 is donated and for every other good it's between $1-3 depending on the item. We give us much as we can while still ensuring the business grows, because we realize that the larger the company gets, the more people we can help.

So we're stoked that for the month of September we'll be giving to charity:water to help bring clean water to developing nations. They are a super transparent organization where every dollar given goes to digging wells, not building leases or paying the CEO a fat salary.

You buy goods and wells are drilled.  Because of the goods you bought at the Maker's Market last month, over $100 was given to charity:water. This is awesome. Every bit counts, and that's why we're so committed to helping.

Two ways to move forward:

  1. Head over to our store and buy a gift for a friend, a notebook to write your thoughts down, or a pint cup to keep that beer cold. You can find the shop here.
  2. Check out our charity:water campaign page and get involved. You can check out our campaign here.