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BombBomb Hackathon: Was stoked to partner with BombBomb development in creating a logo for their Hackathon for 2015. The design was simple, branded, yet pretty dang fun. We ended up going with the all-red badge as it really represented the brand, the development culture, and it looked pretty freaking awesome. 

Terry's Auto Works custom design: A super fun project for Terry's Auto-Shop, I had the opportunity to custom design a bit of branding and hand-printed some shirts as well. He loved his bright orange, custom restoration and so we used that as the core of the design.

Subtle design elements such as the license plates makes it super personalized, detailed, and one-of-a-kind.

The lettering was hand-crafted, custom type I did. We had a few iterations of the design and agreed upon a pretty rad design early on.

Upon finishing the design, I silk-screened the design myself on some great shirts. Honored to have gotten to be a part of the project.

TheWorley Co Branding/logo: My own personal branding. The logo was handlettered, as most of the things I do are. Yet, it looked smooth, refined, and was simple. I wanted my brand-mark to be memorable, clean, and relevant. 

Nourish The Home: A blog for a friend, it was a project where she was creating a blog for home-makers and moms to equip them with good stuff, like a Chicken-Soup for the soul for Moms.

Hand lettered and looking fairly rustic, she wanted a simple design that communicated the core-value of the blog, FAMILY. 

Clymb Marketing: I was able to develop a concept piece for Clymb Marketing as they were looking to further develop and find their identity. The concept was quickly developed from a template and further tweeked to best match the company and what they were going for. Being from Colorado, the mountains were at their core, hence the simple iconography above "Clymb"